Wheels and rollers

We manufacture wheels, rollers and conveyors for demanding industrial needs from durable urethane elastomer.

Flexible polyurethane elastomer in an excellent solution for industrial needs

Polyurethane elastomer is a material that is flexible, elastic and more durable than rubber. This makes it excellent solutions for hard industrial use in such as wheels, rollers and conveyors. Its most significant features are for example great mechanical durability, good load capacity, low friction, silence and good tolerance of oils and greases.

Versatile material knowledge and top-class product development

Our product development and raw material knowledge is top-class – we constantly improve our materials and products. This way we can provide solutions that meet precisely to our customers’ needs. We are happy to help also in designing the products.

Special knowledge of urethane elastomer

When you’re looking for special knowledge in wheels and rollers for demanding use – contact us. We have the necessary knowledge of materials even for the most demanding products and needs.